Optin provides private services for Dutch and Israeli companies seeking to open new markets in either the Netherlands or Israel.

For Israeli companies
OPTIN hosts private presentation seminars to assist the Israeli company in opening the Dutch Market

For Dutch and foreign companies
OPTIN provides Private Technology Reports:

For Israeli Companies seeking to enter the Dutch market

Private Presentation Seminar
Using OPTIN large Dutch network OPTIN can organize a private presentation seminar for Israeli companies seeking to open doors in the Netherlands and reach the Dutch business community. The presentation seminar is an ideal starting platform for Israeli companies seeking contacts in Netherlands. It allows your company to provide a formal presentation to potential clients, investors and relations in a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere. The seminar makes it possible to meet a large group of individuals in your sector in one day and provides personalized meetings with the participants.

What is a private presentation seminar?
It is a half day seminar focusing on your company only, including a large presentation of your company to 30-70 individuals interested in your company.

The participants
The invitations for the seminar include sending your profile and logo of your company to 1000 people in the Netherlands by email, with an invitation to meet you and hear your presentation at the seminar. It also includes a selected group of potential participants who are specifically of interest to you who will be invited by formal mail.
The seminar allows you to meet individuals specifically interested in your company and a meet a large network of people in the Netherlands.

A presentation day can be booked by a single company or by two or three Israeli companies in the same sector, thereby allowing minimizing the costs.

The presentation seminar includes the following services:

  • A half day seminar focusing on your company targeted to participants interested in your market.
    - Location: The Rabin Center for Culture and Education, The Hague.
    A comfortable lecture hall for up to 70 participants, space for personal meetings.
    - Catering and reception. Includes networking time, possible reception with light snacks.
  • Program:
    - Presentation of your company
    - Your choice of additional speakers
  • Participants
    Invitation mailing: A mailing including the program with your name and logo and a short summary of your company will be sent to:
    - Optin's Dutch database/network, including prominent Dutch businessmen, investors and potential clients.
    - A select database will be made aimed at your specific market.
  • Invitation to hold personal meetings with your company during the seminar. The space for the personal meetings can be provided by optin, immediately before the seminar without additional costs.

Since OPTIN is a non-profit organization it can provide the above services for minimal costs. The average costs for organizing a private presentation seminar are between 2000-4000 euro. The price can be negotiated dependent on: type of catering, size of the seminar, number of participants and whether or not there is a participant fee.

The price includes:
Optin organizational time, preparation of the program, email mailing 1000 contacts of OPTIN database (with program, profile and logo of your company), regular mailing specific to your sector (with program, profile and logo of your company), rent lecture hall, rent space for personal meetings, catering, staff, personal meeting assistance.

For more information about how to hold a private presentation seminar in the Netherlands please contact J.B. Peersmann at OPTIN 31-70-3643260 or

OPTIN's Private Technology Reports
For Dutch Companies or foreign companies provides private technology reports of Israeli projects and companies.




OPTIN's private technology report is a market survey of all Israeli projects in a particular field. The survey includes very early stage projects, higher University level, institutes, incubators, start-ups and companies active in that field. The technology surveyed is a private request made by the foreign company. Using OPTIN you can save much time and money in order to find the newest technologies needed to give your company the cutting edge for tomorrow.

Israel has achieved the status of an international power in many high tech fields. This international fame is based on her high rate of Research and Development investment per GDP and a highly skilled work force. Israel has one of the largest centers in the world for start-up enterprises. Israel's technological incubator program has generated many new technologies and innovations. Currently, there are 23 operating technological incubators, 200 active projects, 735 graduated projects and private investment for 54 percent of these projects. Every year many new ideas are turned into business opportunities. From university to incubator to company the discoveries are quickly turned from business opportunities to new high-tech ventures and eventually to full-fledged companies. In this fast and changing world it is no longer the idea that counts but rather quick identification of the most promising successful project and the right acquisition or co-operative venture to achieve the fastest speed to the market. OPTIN�s Private Technology Reports aim to make Israel's technologies more accessible to foreign companies and investors so that quick identification of the most promising projects becomes possible.


Optin's Technology Report is the only one of its kind which includes early stage projects and companies together. In most company searches only the companies will be presented and not technologies at early stage level. Optin�s report is a survey of the technology itself, who is who in a particular field and what are they doing and are there new ideas which can be beneficial for your company?

  • Optin's Technology report is shaped according to the request of the customer.
  • You will receive ALL CONTACT INFORMATION of all the projects. Giving you direct access to contact the projects and/or companies of interest by yourself and not forcing you to continue with a intermediary or consultant.
  • If you do not have time to follow up on the projects presented in the first report a second stage is made available which allows you to receive extra information about the projects without any further commitment.
  • The report is confidential and your interests will not be passed on to other companies.
  • You will have access to OPTIN�s vast network in Israel.
  • You save time and money by allowing OPTIN to do the search for you. Since OPTIN is a non-profit organization its prices are much more reasonable than most companies. OPTIN's time costs less than your time.

OPTIN's experience in making technology reports:

OPTIN is a non-profit organization that promotes new technologies and developments and focuses on bringing to light new business opportunities in Israel, the Netherlands and worldwide. This is done to stimulate bilateral co-operation, new ventures, investments, and strategic alliances. OPTIN aims is to stimulate co-operation by promoting joint R&D ventures, business ventures, and scientific collaboration for both companies and institutions. OPTIN does this by distributing information, organizing events and personally helping companies, universities and institutes and by creation of the necessary indispensable mutual trust. Optin is partly funded by the Israeli Industry Center for R&D (Matimop) and partly by Dutch investors to insure the promotion of Israeli Technologies.
Throughout its 14 year experience with the Israeli market OPTIN has built up many important contacts with all universities, technology transfer companies, incubators and governmental agencies. In the last 5 years OPTIN has devoted much of its time in developing a survey technique which allows it to get a survey of all technologies in Israel available in a certain field within a limited amount of time. (For samples of such survey see the OPTIN bulletins and Genomics in Israel CD-Roms). The OPTIN, Genomics in Israel database, has been advertised in the Jerusalem Post (Israel's number one English newspaper) as the best survey of the market available. OPTIN's speciality in surveying the Israeli market is unique in that it is the only survey available to include very early stage projects at the highest university level, institutes, start-ups and companies. It is in general a survey of a technology including everything that is happening in Israel in that particular field. These searches can be done privately for companies as well as for researchers.

Format of the Private Technology Report
After searching the above described institutions and companies we will collect all the projects into one document. Each project will have a title describing their core business and a 12 sentence paragraph, including their contact details. On the first page of the document all titles will be collected and a link will be made to the description of the project below. In this way you can have and easy overview of all the Projects and will be able to read through the many titels in just a short amount of time.
The report will include all available projects and technologies in Israel in your field. You will receive this document in a written file as well as a digital version.


OPTIN assures confidentiality for the contents of the technology reports made for your company. The search for projects can either be done in your name or you can choose to do the search confidential. In this way the Israeli companies will not know for which companies they are sending the projects.

Defining the Technology

Your company provides OPTIN with the field of interest (one field per report).
For each field a paragraph description or at least 5 key words needs to be provided.

b. The Search

Early Stage projects

5 types of searches will be made to find the early stage technologies in your field.

1. A project call will be made by phone or email to the directors or business development managers of the following Technology Transfer Companies:


  • R&D Technological Transfer Company of Tel Aviv University, Yissum
  • R&D Technological Transfer Company of the The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Yeda
  • R&D Technological Transfer Company of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Dimotech Ltd.
  • R&D Technological Transfer Company of the Technion
    B.G.Negev Technologies and Applications Ltd.,
  • R&D Technological Transfer Company Ben Gurion University,
    Bar Ilan Research & Development,
  • R&D Technological Transfer Company Bar Ilan University,
    The Volcani Center,
    Kidum R&D Application. The Agricultural Research Organization of Israel, Hadasit-Medical Research Services & Development Ltd,
    Life Science Research Israel Ltd. ,
    Technion R & D Foundation Ltd.,
    Migal�s Technology Transfer Company
    Northern R&D
    And many more

2. A project call will be made by phone and email to the heads of research from the following universities:

  • The Tel Aviv University
  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • The Weizmann Institute of Science
  • The Technion Institute of Technology
  • Beersheva University of the Negev
  • The University of Haifa
  • Bar Ilan University
  • Migal-Galilee Technological Center

3. Contact with Scientists
Optin will personally call the individual professors and research groups and ask them for lists of names of individuals specializing in the particular field and to send information about their projects.

4. Contact with Chief Scientists
Optin will contact the chief scientists of various ministries in Israel and ask their assistance in finding relevant project in your field.

5. A general internet search will be made using keywords.

OPTIN will search for key technologies in Israels Start Up's and companies by:
Searching the incubator system (23 incubators total). Some of the incubators are:

incentive, Itek,
lab-one innovations ltd.,
Ofek la'oleh,
rad biomed
Van Leer,
Xenia-kiryat gat,

  • A project request will go out to the incubator program.
  • A project request will go out to Matimop, the Israeli Industry Center for R&D.
  • A search will be made in various databases to which OPTIN has access.
  • An Internet search will be made using key words.

OPTIN will contact its relevant contacts in Israel and ask them for information about companies in this field.

2000 euro per technology report (excl. 19% VAT)

Approximately 2-4 months

For more information about Optin;s Private Technology Reports please contact Eli Guetta at OPTIN 31-70-3643260 or

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