OPTIN promotes new technologies and developments and focuses on bringing to light new business opportunities in Israel, the Netherlands and worldwide. This is done to stimulate bilateral co-operation, new ventures, investments, and strategic alliances.

Every year many new ideas are turned into business opportunities. From university to incubator to company the discoveries are quickly turned from business opportunities to new high-tech ventures and eventually to full fledged companies. In this fast and changing world it is no longer the idea that counts but rather quick identification of the most promising successful project and the right acquisition or co-operative venture to achieve the fastest speed to the market.

In Israel and in the Netherlands, thousands of start-ups a year are initiated. The high percentage of scientists reveals the outstanding technological expertise. Indeed the technological sector of the Israeli economy is very innovative and accounts for 55% of the export. Israel and the Netherlands can realise major competitive advantages in the fields of research and development by co-operating and capitalising upon the innovative character of both the Dutch and Israeli economy

OPTIN's infrastructure and background enables it to closely co-operate successfully with governmental and private institutions in order to promote projects. Optin co-operates closely with The Israeli Industry Center for R&D (Matimop) and CIDI. Optin is partly funded by the Israeli Industry Center for R&D (Matimop) and partly by Dutch investors to ensure the promotion of Israeli Technologies.


OPTIN promotes new technologies by distributing information, organizing events and personally helping companies, universities and institutes and by creation of the necessary indispensable mutual trust. Optin Facilitates Co-operative Research and Develops Ventures by:

  • Stimulation of Scientific Research between Israel and The Netherlands
  • Promoting the awareness of Bilateral Co-operation Possibilities
  • Organising contact days between businesses and scientists
  • Informing Dutch organisations, companies, governments and students about the economic situation, new developments and opportunities in Israel and vice versa
  • Accompaniment of delegations from and to Israel
  • Surveying the Dutch and Israeli market.

Stimulating Scientific Research between Israel and The Netherlands
Optin stimulates scientific research between Israel and The Netherlands by promoting the contacts between businesses and scientists. Optin does this by organising events and facilitating information exchange. Optin also supplies personal assistance to journalists, students, scientists and businesses for research, general information and partnering questions. In addition Optin collects interesting projects and promotes them to possible investors.

Promoting the Awareness of Bilateral Co-operation Possibilities
Optin promotes the awareness of bilateral co-operation possibilities by informing the Dutch community about new available research funds and bilateral opportunities. These opportunities, such as The MoU agreement between Israel and the Netherlands, Eureka and the 5th and 6th Framework are described in detail on the How to Finance page. Optin promotes these projects by sending information about them on its brochures, bringing the project managers to the contact days, and keeping close contact with the project managers (Matimop in Israel and Senter in The Netherlands).

Organising Contact Days between Israeli and Dutch Businesses and Scientists

The New Rabin Center for Culture and Education.

Two to Three times a year Optin organises contact days either in Israel or the Netherlands. The contact days in The Netherlands are usually in the New Rabin Center for Culture and Education, part of CIDI, in the same building as OPTIN. The contact days are meant to bring together people from specific fields in both countries in order to promote co-operative research and develop business ventures. Optin aims to keep the contact days small and target orientated thereby creating an intimate yet business like atmosphere. The subjects of the contact days are market orientated and are chosen after a survey of the market is completed. For the first bioinformatics contact days see: Genomics/Bioinformatics. Contact Days and Seminars can also be organised in other places in The Netherlands, in collaboration with another institution or business. Optin can also organise contact days in Israel, in collaboration with an Israeli institute, agency or company that wishes to bring Dutch companies to Israel. Optin also holds meetings with key speakers targeted towards specific audiences at various places in The Netherlands.

Informing Dutch Organisations, Companies, Governments and Students about the Economic Situation, New Developments an Opportunities in Israel and Vice Versa.

Facilitating an Exchange of Information
Starting in 2002 Optin will send out information about Israeli technologies to their Dutch counterparts several times a year. This is done by a small bulletin combined with a personal letter sent to a specific group of researchers and businesses. It aims to give information about new developments and projects and update the Dutch community about important new links in Israel. The bulletin is orientated towards one specific area in the market and gives up to date information and background information regarding that market. It also aims to include as many Israeli projects as possible regarding that specific subject. Sign up for the Bulletin. In addition OPTIN sends out monthly email updates to specific fields about new technologies in certain fields in Israel. Sign up for the monthly email updates.
Optin also promotes Israeli technologies and spreads information about Israeli projects by placing Israeli links in Dutch Links and by creating various portals to new technologies. The Life Science pages of this web site are part of the goal to create a portal between Dutch and Israeli Life Sciences.

Stimulation of Publications
Optin stimulates Publications about Israeli technologies by:

  • The stimulation of news about Israeli Life Sciences, and co-operative research.
  • The publications of small booklets and cd-roms.
  • Stimulation of Books about the specific markets. for example: Bioinformatics Israel-Netherlands.
  • Stimulation of articles about Israeli-Dutch co-operation, see general economy

Conferences and Seminars

OPTIN facilitates the exchange of information by visiting Dutch seminars and conferences on behalf of Israeli companies and institutes and distributing flyers with information about specific Israeli companies and/or technologies. OPTIN also promotes existing conferences by bringing delegations from Israel to the Netherlands and Vice Versa. For details about upcoming Conferences and Seminars, see the right side-bar.

Accompaniment of delegations from and to Israel
Optin accompanies delegations to and from Israel. These delegations can be large groups of companies visiting business fairs or personal accompaniment.


  • 1993 Dutch mayors and 2 royal commissioners to Jerusalem
  • 1994 Water mission of 15 local Dutch governors of Gedeputeerde Staten
  • 1994 Chambers of Commerce of North Brabant
  • 1995 Business meeting in Amsterdam with Mr Ehud Olmert, mayor of Jerusalem
  • 1995 Transport and logistics City of Amsterdam
  • 1996 Bio-technology
  • 2000 The Biotech Israel

Surveying the Dutch and Israeli Market
Optin carries out target orientated surveys of both the Dutch and
Israeli market. Optin keeps an up to date database with which it can
contact all individuals in a particular field. Surveys are carried out
as a general assessment and as a preparatory phase for future activities.




Optin specializes in providing technology reports for Dutch and foreign companies and organizing seminars for Israeli companies who need promotion in the Netherlands. Technology Searches In the last 5 years OPTIN has devoted much of its time in developing a survey technique which allows it to get a survey of all technologies in Israel available in a certain field within a limited amount of time. (For samples of such survey see the OPTIN bulletins and Genomics in Israel CD-Roms). The OPTIN, Genomics in Israel database, has been advertised in the Jerusalem Post (Israel´s number one English newspaper) as the best survey of the market available. OPTIN´s speciality in surveying the Israeli market is unique in that it is the only survey available to include very early stage projects at the highest university level, institutes, start-ups and companies. It is in general a market survey of a technology including everything that is happening in Israel in that particular field. These searches can be done privately for companies as well as for researchers. For more information about these reports see services/Technology reports Personalized Seminars for Israeli companies in the Netherlands Using OPTIN´s large Dutch network we organize private presentation seminars for Israeli companies seeking to open doors in the Netherlands and reach the Dutch business community. The presentation seminar is an ideal starting platform for Israeli companies seeking contacts in Netherlands. It allows your company to provide a formal presentation to potential clients, investors and relations in a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere. The seminar makes it possible to meet a large group of individuals in your sector in one day and provides personalized meetings with the participants. For more information see services/seminars. OPTIN also offers you the Following Services;

  • Bring you into contact with the right people in a specific field either in Israel or the Netherlands.
  • Personal assistance in finding partners and answering questions.
  • Practical assistance in Israel and The Netherlands
  • Solve cultural misunderstandings
  • Collects projects
  • Help you find the right investment
  • Promote your projects either in Israel or The Netherlands
  • Organize seminars
  • Assist universities
  • Organise events
  • Help promote your events
  • Hold surveys to help you decide where to invest or where the demand is
  • Make sure that your information about your company will go to the right people.
  • Provide you with information about projects in Israel and the Netherlands.
  • Supply information about subsidy possibilities and other financial,?
  • Keep you updated about new technologies in Israel or in The Netherlands
  • Give information about conferences or visit conferences for you.
  • Accompanies delegations




Brokerage Events:

June 2005: New Era & New Challenges Business Development between Israeli and Dutch Companies

January 2005: Food Quality & Health event

August 2004: Genomics Momentum

April 2004: Nanotechnology Conference
“The Revolution of the Tiny From Tiny Machines to Mega Business Israeli High-Tech Nanotechnology comes to Amsterdam”

2003: Seminar Media & Marketing

2002: Technology forum

  • 2001 Bioinformatics Contact Days, The Hague
  • 2000 Biotech mission, Jerusalem
  • 1998 Bio-med, Ceasarea
  • 1997 Electro-optical, Jerusalem
  • 1996 Data and telecom, Tel Aviv
  • 1996 Bio-technology Israel
  • 1996 Eco-tech and Interprise, Utrecht

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